Ridley Bronson is an American DJ and House music producer from Milwaukee, WI. Creating beats ever since the age of thirteen, the talented musician developed a strong passion in the art of sampling. Influenced by Hip Hop’s Golden era, he started making beats that received placement opportunities all over America. During the electronic music wave, Ridley Bronson got intrigued by House music. After attending various clubs and music festivals, he shifted his focus from Hip Hop to House, completely immersing himself in the Tech and Deep House genres.

In 2019, Ridley Bronson began working on “Remedy.” Two years later, in the summer of 2021, he finally released the track via Focus Four. Evoking different emotions thanks to its compelling vocals and memorable rhythms, the dance floor hit went on to amass hundreds of thousands of streams. Playing shows all over the Midwest, the DJ and producer has managed to steal away people’s hearts with his infectious energy and irresistible charm. With over 350k streams, Ridley Bronson, through his own record label, has delivered many original tracks created both by him and other artists.

In 2022, Ridley Bronson continued to release great music and dropped different mixes of his much-loved track “Remedy.” In addition to the Remix EP, the beatmaker also shared “Never Knew You” and “Choose To Dance.”